Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's 'OK' Thursday

Happy Thursday (my Friday) everyone! I am excited because today is the start of my weekend! Yay!! I haven't had a Friday off from work in like forever, so this is a nice treat, especially after the hell-ish day at work today. Well anywho, I am linking up again with the beautiful {Neely} and {Amber} for it's OK Thursdays! I really enjoy this link up because it makes you think about what is going on in your life and this is a way you can come out and say "you know what, it's ok." Well let's get to it...

Its Ok Thursdays's ok that I am already in vacation mode for my Vegas trip that isn't until August.'s ok that even after 9 years your best friends can disappoint you, but you can't do anything about it.'s ok that all day at work I rubbed it in all my coworkers face that I am off tomorrow :)

it's my Friday at least :)'s ok that when asked what exciting plans you have for your day off you answer "sleep until I can't sleep anymore!"'s ok that no matter how long I try to sleep, my body is so used to waking up early that it simply won't let me sleep in.'s ok to have bought 4 new swim suits for my upcoming Vegas trip, I still need to buy some new outfits and not be broke by the end of it all.'s ok that all I want to do is eat unhealthy stuff during the summer, but can't so I don't look like a whale in my  4 new swim suits in Vegas.

story of my life's ok that there are multiple times during the day where I think to myself, I'm sure there is an ecard on about this exact moment.'s ok to be super excited about Magic Mike coming out next week, who isn't?!?

umm yes, I'll have a scoop of each please :)

So what's OK with you guys today? Go link up!!

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