Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kavalena {Look Good + Do Good}

Happy Wednesday everyone! This post is dedicated to the small start-up Kavalena. It is a clothing company based in Chicago, IL and they contacted me a few weeks ago to help them get their name out there. Kavalena's goal is to meet the biggest needs in the world. They partner with non-profit organizations to provide clean water, healthy meals, access to education, health care, and freedom from slavery of all kinds. The need for these basic human necessities are huge in our world today.

Kavalena is designed to be a way for everyone to have an opportunity to make a lasting and life changing impact in the world. With affordable and competitive pricing, quality products, and a giving plan that is designed to do the most good possible, everyone now has a chance to make their own little dent in the issue of global poverty. Together we can change the future for those currently living in poverty. Children do not have to die from preventable diseases, be forced into slavery, wither from lack of nourishing food, and drop out of school because they can't afford school fee's.

Kavalena partners with non-profit organizations who use 100% of the donations to meet these needs, they partner with: 

A Bright Connection


A Better Life For Kids


charity: water

With each purchase, the following is provided:
3 meals for a child and their family
1 hour's worth of clean water for a village
1 hour of aftercare for an individual freed from slavery
1 day of school for a child in Ghana, Africa
1 hour of therapy for orphans with cerebral palsy and autism

When the PR team at Kavalena contacted me to help them get their name out there, I was so glad to help them any way I could. They said they would send me a product to show me how wonderful it is. The tank they sent me is super soft and looks so great on me! Plus the packaging they sent it all in was so awesome, they really take the time out to make sure it looks presentable with a pretty bow and everything. 

I've already signed up to help package meals for children in need in August since it is real close to my house. I am excited to get my hands dirty and help make some sort of difference. For a way to help out you should most definitely visit the website and help in any way that you can! For more information on Kavalena or their partnered organizations you can contact them via email at!

All opinions are my own and information was gathered from the Kavalena press kit given to me. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post, just a free tank.

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