Friday, January 9, 2015

Selfie Nation

So we all know and love our selfies, right? I mean even if you say you hate it when people are constantly posting or taking selfies, you probably have quite the collection built up in your phone. I will admit there are some people who clog up Instagram with their never ending selfies (not anyone I follow, so if I follow you, you're safe). If I'm having a good hair/makeup day, you're darn right I'm gonna be taking a selfie. Sometimes it's in the form on a snapchat sent to my friends or just a picture that lingers on my camera roll. I have no shame in my selfie game, and if it's a really great picture, it's going on Instagram. Granted this doesn't happen often, as I also like pictures with other people in it, I feel awkward and weird in pictures all by myself, am I alone in that? So, everyone typically has a favorite picture that they think they look pretty fabulous in right? Well if you had to choose your favorite selfie, which one would it be?

Ok you guys should know by now, I have an impossibly hard time choosing just one of something. I like my options, what can I say. So I chose these two pictures because the wonderful magicians at Sephora made me look pretty flawless. These were both snapped after getting my makeup done by the pros and I looooove how my face just looks flawless. The top one was a more tamed down look for a birthday party I had to attend and I love the total wearability of the look.
The bottom picture was for my friends' wedding and I am obsessed over the look the makeup artist created. I told her I am open to doing something a bit more bold and to do what she thought would look good, and boy did she deliver. I don't think I've ever had that much eyeshadow on my face, but she did it in such an elegant way because I could have looked very stripper-esq with that amount and color. I receieved so many compliments on how great my eyes looked and it was also the first time I wore fake eyelashes, weird at first, but definitely brought out the volume in my lashes. I wanted to freeze my face because I am obsessed with the turnout and wish I was able to re-create this look on myself.
Are you a selfie lover or hater? If you love it, show me your favorite selfie!
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