Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thoughts & Prayers...

I had every intention of coming at you guys with a recap of Oscar fashion and who I loved and who just missed the memo. Instead, I feel drained. I am hurting inside and just can't seem to wrap my head around things that happen in this world. Last September I wrote about my uncle {mom's brother} and how he wasn't doing so great, health wise. He had been in and out of the hospital because of kidney failure. He has been on dialysis for a year and slowly things just kept declining for him. A couple of weeks ago, because of very frequent seizures, he ended up back in the hospital and in a hypothermia induced coma. The doctors were trying to prevent any further brain damage that the seizures were causing, but they took him out of it after a few days.  He was then put into a medically induced coma which he was later taken off of and we are at the point where he has been taken out of the coma, but hasn't woken up. This weighs heavy on my heart because he is in his young 50's and has two children who adore him. I cannot even fathom to think what will happen to our family if he passes and cry each and every time I think of the possibility. 

This was him in September 2012

I decided to include a picture of him recently that his daughter sent me, I cry every single time I look at this picture because I hate that he is in suffrage and pray he just wakes up.

 Be warned, this is a patient in the intensive care unit and many wires and tubes are involved...

My uncle lived with us when I was a baby and I remember vivid memories of him around, going through pictures from those times has been tough, but I remember all the great times shared with him. In April, for my cousins wedding, I was supposed to see him again {he lives in Orlando}, but with all that has been going on, I don't think that will be a possibility. 

I am forever staying hopeful at the fact that he will wake up and we will see him again soon, but the outcomes are weary.

I would appreciate it so much if all of you kept my uncle and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

p.s. I may be MIA from the blog world for a little while, but I will announce the winner of my giveaway on Friday.

Much love...

Monday, February 25, 2013

5 for Five {2/25/13}

Just another manic Monday around these parts. I was up late watching the Oscars last night {and will be having a recap of my favorite red carpet looks tomorrow} so I never got a chance to get a draft written for today's post. Since I'm in a rush, I will just get to the post. Linking up with Jenn for 5 for Five!


1. Drink at least 64 oz {8 cups} of water daily.
Fail, fail, fail. This is so hard to do, I did come close some days, but definitely not every day. 

2. Finish at least one assignment for class.
Yeah, I didn't even attempt to do this. Saturday was my lazy day and Sunday was Oscar day so no time was even available, oh well.

3. Do a 5-10 min ab workout everyday.
Oh hey look, another goal I've failed at. If laughing until your abs hurt counts as an exercise, that was done, but nothing else. I really hate working out, like a LOT.

4. Drink a protein shake everyday.
Oh yay, a goal I didn't fail at this week. I did drink a protein shake everyday and felt awesome doing so, way better than any ab workout!

5. Get blog posts drafted early.
I definitely accomplished this one {minus today's post}. I had Mon-Sat all drafted up and waiting to be published, felt so great not having to frantically get a post out.

Speaking of posts, have you checked out the giveaway on my blog for nail wraps courtesy of Jamberry?! {shameless plug, I know, but you should totally enter!}

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So I actually decided not to set any goals this week and really think of ways I can accomplish more goals each week because 2/5 is really pathetic and I have no real excuse for it besides pure laziness. I'll brainstorm ways to keep up with some goals and come back next week hopefully with some great goals that can get accomplished.

Good luck on your goals this week!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Social {Week 38}

Happy Sunday friends! Quick thing before I get to the reason for this post, if you haven't entered yet for the Jamberry nail wraps giveaway on my blog, I highly recommend doing so now! 

Now back to regular programming, linking up for Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley.

Sunday Social

1. Biggest middle school fashion mistake?
I think pretty much everything I wore was a fashion mistake in middle school and it even went into high school a bit, times have definitely changed. Here is a picture of me after my middle school graduation, I had this long silky skirt deal and a matching cotton top...not attractive at all.

Sorry for the grainy quality picture, I took a picture of a picture since I was too lazy to scan them.

This picture is from 6th grade, but seriously pink overalls that cover my knees, what is that?! And the socks that meet the hem of the overalls, blasphemy! I won't even get started on the gym shoes I'm rocking.

2. Who were your best friends in high school? Pics?
I actually met my current best friend my freshman year of high school and we have been inseparable since then. She was a year older than me and I was kind of morphed into her group of friends, but we always had a blast. Here is a picture of us at junior/senior prom in 2005.

This is us 3 girls just the other night:

I'm still so thrilled to call them my best friends and future bridesmaids! 

3. What was a typical weekend like for you in high school?
Our group of friends was always up to something, but we were pretty good kids for the most part. I think our typical weekends in high school are similar to how we all are nowadays, minus the drinking. Just simply hanging out at someones house and laughing the night away, or "studying" at the library, we were there a LOT.

4. Did you have any boyfriends/girlfriends? Tell us about that.
I don't know that I want to label what I had as boyfriends, but I suppose at the time they were, but I see it more as people I dated for a brief period of time. I had a total of 3 "boyfriends" in high school. 
The first one was a 2 week relationship and I think I was dating him so I'd have a date to homecoming. 
The second was the guy I went to prom with, we got set up by mutual friends {he was from another school} and that was another couple weeks of a relationship. Here's us at prom:

The last guy I dated in high school actually was a 6 month relationship, which in high school years is like 100 years. He was again from a different school and actually a grade younger than me, but we met up at the mall and did the group date thing. He was a super sweet guy, but I was going away to college and I just knew it wasn't gonna work so I broke it off. 

5. Did you have any secret codes with your friends? Spill your secrets!
I don't think we did have any secret codes. More like inside jokes, but god if I could remember them right now since I can barely remember the ones we have recently. 

6. If you could relive one day/moment/experience from middle school or high school, what would it be?
I actually liked middle school a lot even though I was the new kid, I ran track and had friends who were in the "popular group", but I think out of all those years I would relive prom. I was there with all my best friends and I remember us just having an absolute blast. I might have changed my date now, but he was a perfect gentlemen that night and I'm glad I had a date to go with! 

I loved answering these questions because they brought back such terrific memories, but I do wish I had more pictures from then. I wasn't big into being in the pictures {see why in the above pictures}, but I was more the photographer type so I have tons of pictures of my friends just not with me in it. Now I'm big on taking pictures of everything {even my dinner} just to capture it as a memory! 


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekly What {5}

It's the weekend party people!!! I totally sound more exciting than I actually am right now. I have absolutely no plans this weekend and I actually love this feeling. I cannot even begin to think that this is the last weekend of February, where is this year going?! I actually don't mind the first few months flying by because that just means that the warmer months are creeping upon us! I'm linking up today with JennAllie, & Ricci for Weekly What!


This was my past week in blog posts!!

5 for Five

Weekend Shenanigans

I had two posts for you guys on Monday because I wanted to link up with both Jenn for 5 for Five and Sami for Weekend Shenanigans and didn't want to have one super long post so I broke it into two! 

If you want to find out why this happened, check out my weekend post!

On Tuesday I wrote about my thoughts of the NBA ball players during the 2013 All Star weekend and why basketball and fashion just don't mesh well. To check out what I thought about this look, check out the post:

On hump day, I linked up with Michelle for oh how pinteresting with some hilarious ecards and various other funny things that I've pinned recently. 

See this and many other funny pins on this post!

In this post I went through a list of things that make me happy in life. Sometimes it's the little things in life!

I have this super awesome giveaway going on currently, until next Friday, so if you haven't entered I suggest you go and enter! These Jamberry nail wraps look awesome and I'm jealous that I can't enter to win this!! You can enter here:

What did your week look like?

Friday, February 22, 2013

Jamberry Nail Wraps Giveaway

Happy Friday guys! I have a great treat for you all today in the form of a giveaway! 

I normally link up with Vicki and Tara for Nail Files, but decided to stick with my same polish from last week so thought this giveaway would be perfect for other nail painting lovers like myself. 

Suzzie got in touch with me and asked if I wanted to do a giveaway on my blog and I jumped at the chance because it was nail related. After looking through her sites I was definitely intrigued with these nail wraps and can't wait for one of you guys to win a set of them!! Let me let Suzzie take over!


Hi! I'm here to share some Jamberry Love with you girls. My name is Suzzie, just if you wanted to know, cause ya know, some people might. So what's happening here? This is a giveaway day! Wahoo! Hope you are not even mad about this.

Today I'm giving away a set of 5 statement Jamberry Nail Wraps. So your next few manicures will really make a statement.

Jamberry Nail wraps are applied with heat (application instructions here). And they last for 2 weeks without chipping or peeling. Your days of ruining a manicure before they are even dry are almost over.

A statement nail is applied to one finger on each hand then you paint the rest of your nails. This allows for a direct comparison of your nail wrap to your nail polish. Which do you think will last longer?


Don't these nail wraps look awesome? Anything that can last 2 weeks without chipping or peeling gets an A+ in my books!! So what are you waiting for, enter below for your chance to win!!!

If you want to check out Suzzie's Jamberry site go here!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Things That Make Me Happy

Happy Thursday buttercups! I thought today I would share with you all what things make me happy in life. They include many simple things, but in reality, isn't it the simple things in life that make people happy? 

{} Rain and thunder at night
{} Kisses on the forehead
{} The warmth of clothes fresh from the dryer
{} The first sip of coffee
{} Finding a song that describes your current situation perfectly
{} Getting butterflies
{} Seeing a rainbow after it rains
{} The smell in the air after it rains
{} Watching snow fall
{} Having Pandora play songs that match your mood
{} Getting presents and/or handwritten notes in the mail
{} Sleeping in
{} Waking up hours before your alarm
{} Cupcakes or chocolate in general
{} Finding money in old wallets or jean pockets
{} Eating cereal for dinner

These are just a few of the things that make me happy in life and I'm sure I can think of 50 more, but I'll save that for another day and post.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oh How Pinteresting

I haven't linked up with my pins in quite a while so I figured this week would be a good time to do so since I've been pinning like crazy. Since one of my favorite things on Pinterest are the funny pins, today is all about laughing until you feel ab muscles {oh it's not that easy?! Well it should be!}

Linking up with the beautiful Michelle.

Source: i.qkme.me via nikki on Pinterest

Don't your abs hurt from these funnies?! Check out many more pins on my Pinterest boards here!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So You Wanna Be A Baller?

After catching bits and pieces of the 2013 NBA All Star weekend in Houston this past weekend, I came to this simple conclusion, NBA ballers & fashion just don't go. Every single time the camera cut to a ball player on the sidelines, the first thought from me was WTF were they thinking when they got dressed?! So I guess if your life goal is becoming a ball player, these are some things you should consider:

-Be ridiculously tall, let's face it us average folk are ants compared to the ballers.

-Be super cocky and pretty much a d.bag 99.5% of the time {see: Lebron James}

-During all star weekend make sure to dress like any of these popular ball players, just know the weirder you dress, the more money you probably have, so go nuts!

So if this taught you anything, I hope it was that a. don't get dressed in the dark, b. don't own these ridiculously looking items of clothing, c. if you really are trying to be weird, buy hipster glasses.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

I used to love linking up for Weekend Update, but since that is no more and a new link up has been created by none other than Sami, I knew I had to hop onto the fun! Also since I actually did something worth blogging about this weekend, I figured it was great timing. 

-The day before, my girlfriend and I made this death by chocolate and red velvet cake which was so delicious! 
-On valentine's day, my best friend and I got our single tushes together and ate some java chip frap ice cream & watched The Wedding Planner while talking about why boys suck.
-I had class during the day, but we had a little valentine's day potluck and of course had to get Chipotle.
-I did get a text from N which made my heart pitter patter, it was a nice feeling but flowers are nicer.
-This Bruno Mars song is my new favorite and I actually enjoyed listening to it on valentine's day!

-My friend asked me to take some engagement shots for their party invites, we had a blast taking these shots. These are the two from my iTouch. 
-After taking the pictures we headed to Cooper's Hawk for some sangria's and flatbread pizzas, delicious. The selfie was just awkward so I had to include it!

{one} Selfie in the bathroom of the restaurant we went to [Cantina Laredo-If you are ever in downtown Chicago and want Mexican food, go here!!]
{two} The beautiful birthday girl awkwardly posing.
{three} All of our margaritas, sooooo good!
{four} The whole crew waiting to be seated.
{five} These beautiful girls keep me sane.
{six} The crew at our private table.

This was basically my Sunday. Those margs were definitely deceiving and I had a bad hangover pretty much the entire day and took a few naps, super productive!

What shenanigans did you all get into this weekend?!